Agrom Industries Limited will endeavour to be good corporate citizens. Our first responsibility is to ensure that our business is a profitable self-sustaining venture that brings solid returns to both shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Our business operation philosophy will consider one of our most valued assets which are our employees. We will ensure that we are open and considerate to the needs and welfare of our employee. The commitment to our employee will include job training, personal development and career advancement opportunities.

As a member of the community we intent of have an impact on the society, in particular and on a whole, through facilitating community projects that can add value to the communities that they are in and beyond.Our impact on the environment will be a top priority with not only through energy saving equipment but doing activities and using supplies that are friendly to the environment. Recycling where possible. We will seek to use packaging materials for our products that leave a minimal, ecological footprint.

Agrom Industries will make equally important, our compliance with all regulatory expectations, best practices, and legislation that are applicable to our operations in all countries that we have a presence. We will be in strict adherence to those that govern food safety such as HACCP, ISO standards and other bodies whether local or international.

Agrom will foster an atmosphere of communication and transparency. Our leadership style will embody the concept that the best ideas and solutions can come from anywhere. We will all; ensure that from the smallest to the most remote has an opportunity to raise their concerns and give true opinion of on matters related to their jobs and the company as a whole.

Fulfilling our responsibilities as corporate citizens ensures a world that is sustainable and better  in which to live and work.




Excellence in Fulfilling the Promise: Agrom will produce and provide market products of uncompromised quality to our customers. These are expected to meet the needs and standards of our customers.

Effective and Efficient Distribution Network: The importance of such cannot be overemphasized. A union where Agrom and its distributors both enjoy substantial benefits in the areas of solid profit margins, and from products that provides immense customer satisfactions.  We intend to establish an excellent distribution system that will enable us to rapidly respond to customers, orders and be available in remote areas. We will engage reputable and knowledgeable distributors, in different region, who have strong customer base, and provide them with the necessary tools they require to achieve the objective.

Assembly Technology: To ensure quality beverages is essential to utilize the contemporary and most efficient filling and packaging technology. Understanding technological developments will ensure we gain and maintain a competitive advantage utilizing the latest production techniques that are best for our facility.

Loyalty and Dedication: Our commitment to shareholders, employee and our customer shall be the driving force behind Agrom’s mission. The loyalty and dedication of and to our employees shall be essential to the prosperity of the organization. We recognize that corporate commitment to success should lead to prosperity of the products and ultimately the organization as and its stakeholders.

Marketing Know-how: In an increasingly competitive market, It is important that we build a strong brand that can compete in a fierce competitive environment. Knowledge of international treaties, government policies and laws of the countries with whom we intend to do business is a value that cannot be overstated.

Adherence to Stringent Values and Principles: Agrom Industries Limited acknowledges the fact that the financial and strategic management of the business will play a critical part in the prosperity and success. Hence, we intend to adhere to stringent values and principles that will enable such to be achieved. Our financial data and methods of accounting shall be such as to capture the essence of our business operation down to the smallest detail. The financial data and controls will be constantly reviewed internally. More importantly our books will face the scrutiny of independent external audits from reputable firms to ensure that our practice is in keeping with industry standards. At all levels, we will maintain transparency and follow the necessary controls to further enhance the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of our operations that will strengthen our position in the market by ensuring that management have the requisite information to perform at their best.