Agrom's go-to-market strategy: Strategically develop a network of distributors with solid distribution network in the areas of our target market.

This can be achieved through the following:

  • Identify a number of overseas traders/distributors who will benefit from adding our products to their portfolio and partner with them to market and promote our products.
  • Establish solid partnership with and support to our distributors with the necessary tools that will give our products a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Establish and maintain feed forward and feedback communication strategies that will best transact customer satisfaction and responsiveness.
  • Build brand identity so that our logo and our products will be synonymous with top quality and customer satisfaction.
  •  Keep abreast of current trends with consumer’s expectations,
  •  Keep abreast of the technology trend and changes in the regulatory environment.
  • Strategically align our product roll out with underling effort to maintain and grow market share
  • Constantly review and incorporate industries best practices as a fundamental part of our operational objectives.


About US


Agrom Industries Limited was conceived by the amalgamation of the passions of Mr. Olatunde Oladele and Mr. Ronald Bolton.

These gentlemen while having separate professional background share a common passion for the natural foods and roots they believe should be part the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Bolton’s primary field of study is in dental technology. However, Mr. Bolton carries a lifelong passion for the Jamaican herbs and spices rooted in an African tradition. Mr. Oladele, an accomplished Food Scientist, Agronomist with over 26 years in food science and consultancy, including product development and production management was the perfect fit for the formation of an enterprise to bring the Agrom concept to fruition.

Mr. Bolton’s passion for Jamaican herbs and spices and his commitment to see that these herbs and spices make it to commercial distribution earned him a membership on the Jamaica Herbal Business Association. Mr. Bolton is, also, involved in agriculture and agro-processing, crop management of avocado, june plum, and lemon grass to name a few.

These gentlemen collaborated to form Agrom Industries Limited and register, along with the other members, the company in August 2012 as an agro-processing enterprises whose primary vision is to bring to market a suite of functional beverages and foods created from an elixir of the traditional herbs and spices with an innovative twist.

The formation of this enterprise gave Mr. Olatunde, the master formulator, an opportunity to bring a suite of beverage formulation to Agrom (some of which are market ready with others needing market testing)

The current membership of Agrom Industries Limited includes Ronald Bolton, Olatunde Oladele, Gregory McCulskie, Donovan Longmore and Errol Richardson. These gentlemen bring a varied set of skills and professional know how, and will participate in the daily administration and operation of the enterprise.

Errol Richardson is an accounting and finance professional with years of corporate reporting experience in the United States, Donovan Longmore has solid accounting background and a radio disk jockey with club associations and affiliations across the eastern seaboard of the United States. Gregory McCulskie (Jamaica) has a solid accounting background and exceptional computer and office equipment and technology skills.

The collective skills of the Agrom’s team provide for a strong administrative core that is able to navigate through the challenges that Agrom will face in its push to start and establish this great opportunity for both shareholders and customer of the Agrom products.

Currently Agrom is in the process of raising funds to realize this dream.